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LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR SALE OF MOTOR VEHICLE To authorize another to sign bill of sale, title and other documents. State of Utah County of KNOW ALL PERSONS BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT I/We , whose
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This is a limited power of attorney authorizing your agent to execute a bill of sale, title and other documents in connection with the sale of a motor vehicle. This form contains a state specific acknowledgment. This form allows your agent to do all things necessary to sell or transfer property, including the execution of a bill of sale, title, odometer statement, request for release of liens and other documents and to receive all funds from the purchase of the same.

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Hi this is Joe from poverty forum comand today we're going to talk a littlebit about the for Utah power of attorneyforms now if you don't know a popattorney is it's just simply a legaldocument that allows you to pick any onethat you want to represent you foreither financial or medical decisionmaking so the first one that we're goingto talk about is the durable power ofattorney form on the left hand side andwhat this formed allows you to do isthat it allows you to select somebody tomake find all financial decision-makingpowers on your behalf in the state ofUtah now what makes this form so popularin the United States is that it's theonly financial power of attorney formthat stays valid if the principalbecomes incapacitated or told by amedical license physician that they canno longer think for themselves now withthis we see this a lot is with the babyboomer generation you're approaching thesenior age but unfortunately they'regetting things like dementia Alzheimer'sall these different things that can makethings like paying their bills not aneasy task so what this form does is itallows you to select somebody that youchoose and that you trust and they canact for you on any financial matterlegal in the state of Utah and ifsomething should happen to you it staysvalid so it's a very very important formto have especially if you're over 50 nowthe Utah medical power of attorney formit sounds exactly how it is it's a powerof attorney form that lets somebodyhandle all your medical decision-makingpower just the case something shouldhappen to you so they would be selectingin your best interest the treatmentdecisions the facility decisions ifthey're already anything related to yourhealth care and well-being they would bechoosing so we want to also note that onour website we see a lot of peopledownload both theforms because these for both these formskind of work together and complement oneanother where this the durablesfinancially helps you out and themedically obviously is for healthcarereasons so going to the right side wegot the general Papa tourney form thisform is just like the durable it'sexactly like it except that it becomesvoid if something should happen to youso what we often see is business peoplewill have an accountant handle all thereare financial stuff but if for anyreason something should happen to themthey don't necessarily want that personto still be acting for them forfinancial purposes so the generalpattern e-form exactly like the durableexcept that it becomes void if somethingshould happen now the limited last butnot least this is a great form that Iuse every year for filing my taxesallows you to give somebody veryspecific financial power now I give myaccountant this limited power tourney tojust handle my taxes every year but todo nothing else I don't want himhandling my banking I want hit andhandling nothing just my taxes...